Approved, thus far!  Sept. 17, 2015...
Historic-Cultural Monument designation for Hollywood church building richly emblematic of Hollywood's origins and evolution. 
See the Los Angeles Times article on this approval.

Save Residential Hollywood's application for well-deserved historic-cultural monument status for the church building on the NW corner of Hollywood Blvd. and LaBrea Ave., built by the First Church of Christ Scientist denomination and most recently home to MOSAIC Church, has been approved by the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission at City Hall. 

Resounding support for the application came from: The Los Angeles Conservancy, Hollywood Heritage, Councilmember David Ryu, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, the Hillside Federation, the Women's Club of Hollywood, and several area neighborhood councils, as well as over 1,000 petition signers (who signed in the span of approx. just one week). There is more to the approval process and we will keep you posted.

See the bottom of this page for more information about the building, whose site is slated for development.


Our mission is to preserve the integrity of Residential Hollywood.


  Save Residential Hollywood a nonprofit organization working   to oppose developer-initiated zone changing and City Hall
  motivated over-densification that erode the character of our
  neighborhoods and the quality of our lives by forcing massive
  developments into already overly-congested neighborhoods
  with already failing infrastructure. Our priority issue in this
  regard consists of a development project slated for the NW
  corner of Hollywood and La Brea. (Images and description
  at bottom of this page.)


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   Together we can save residential Hollywood. Please email us
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Our long-established zoning

Our top priority is the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea Ave., currently occupied by Mosaic. The site, like the rest of residential Hollywood, is zoned for medium residential, allowing a maximum 45 ft. building height. A church has stood on the site since 1917. Historically, this corner has demarcated the zone change from commercial mixed-use (to the east and south) to strictly residential (to the west and north). The site has always afforded an ample view of the beautiful hills to the north. 

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If zone change is permitted

The proposed development would break the strictly residential zoning code of this part of Hollywood, setting a dangerous precendent for commercial mixed-use, which has no height restriction. The development would also exaggeratedly densify the site by replacing the sole existing, light-use building with a complex of 3 high-use buildings--one a 256 foot tower--thus blocking the view of the hills and foisting at least 1,000 more cars and trucks into the already "F" grade traffic intersection.

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