Hollywood Heritage and the Los Angeles Conservancy has placed the Fifth Church of Christ Science, on its list of endangered building with architectural, historic or cultural significance. It is considered to be a prime example of mid Century Modern architecture and was built by Howard Elwell in the mid-1950's. The site has been home to a church for more than a century as a previous Neo-Classic Christ Church was built in 1914. The Church frames the iconic view of the Hollywood Hills as well as signaling a demarcation between the commercial center east of La Brea Avenue to the residential neighborhoods of Hollywood west of La Brea. 

Moreover, the City of Hollywood has its original roots as a utopian Christian community founded in 1887 by Harvey Wilcox as a "dry" community with free land grants to Churches along Prospect Avenue (now Hollywood Boulevard).

There are additional historically significant sites adjacent or close to the Church including the Woman's Club of Hollywood/Hollywood School for Girls at 1749 La Brea which was built in 1904; Wattles Mansion and Gardens and the Historic Residential Neighborhoods of Hollywood