May 19 Election for New Council Member CD 4

On May 19, 2015, there is a critical election for the new Council Member for Council District 4 as the current Council Member, Tom LaBonge is not running. The candidates are David Ryu and Carolyn Ramsay.

The election will be decided by a SMALL NUMBER OF VOTERS.

This is a rare opportunity to be able to have some influence on our government by voting for a new Council Member who represents the interests of the residents and not the interests of those who can hire lobbyists and make large campaign contributions.

The lobbying by the developer of 7107 Hollywood Boulevard/Horizon Hollywood has just started and already a minimum of $153,100.75  has been spent SOLELY ON LOBBYING ACTIVITIES. This does not include amounts spent by the developer on public relations; lawyers, experts or other forces working against us. This amount is current as of 2014 but will be updated as the figures increase.

Type 7107 in the "Client" search box and all lobbying payments will come up in connection with the proposed development at 7107 Hollywood Boulevard. Other clients of well paid lobbyists can be searched for as well.

We are also in full support of a pledge being circulated by James O'Sullivan, President of the Miracle Mile Residential Association which provides for greater transparency between the Council Member and his or her constituents.