We are not alone in this battle to preserve the quality of life in our neighborhood as it is besieged by powerful and monied interests that want to build as much and as high as possible without regard for the quality of life or safety of the residents. The motivation is simple - a parcel of land zoned for high density commercial use is more valuable than a parcel of land zoned for low or medium density residential. The Mayor, Council Members, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce receive large donations from developers in exchange for permitting this rape of our neighborhood by rezoning to density and maximize profits. They depend on the apathy of citizens who probably aren't even aware of what is being done to the neighborhood. 

Though there are approximately 40 projects in the pipeline, a few of the other out-of-scale projects already being foisted onto Hollywood, besides Hollywood Horizon are:

8150 Sunset Blvd.: The massive proposed project at the corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset Boulevard would add congestion to an intersection which is already dangerously congested. The developers seek to justify this by claiming that 1000 bike spaces will motivate people to bike there, even though there are no bike lanes.


The Millenium: This mega skyscraper that would rest directly on top of a fault line, according to California state geologists, has been temporarily stopped due to the efforts of private citizens in the area who have won a lawsuit. However, City Hall and the developers have unlimited resources and are appealing the Court's decision halting the development, even though, according to LA Weekly "...state officials tell the Weekly no entity has ever sued to overturn the state's official earthquake fault maps." The two Millenium skyscrapers would also block Hollywood's iconic view of the Capitol Record's building.  


7500 Sunset Blvd.: This out-of-scale project would demolish two blocks worth of Sunset Blvd. buildings, from Gardner to Sierra Bonita to Curson, densifying both residential and commercial space to a degree unmanageable for existing infrastructure.


Make no mistake - We private citizens are David versus the Goliaths of City Hall and Big Money Developers. Our sling shot is the strength we have if we join together. If we recognize a commonality of interests and join together, we can make our voices heard. 

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