An Educated Citizenry Is The Best Defense

The extreme density of developments proposed for our neighborhood is based on the spurious proposition that residents of the expensive market rate apartments being built will not use automobiles to commute, run errands or do any of the other activities of people in our neighborhood. And all visitors to the restaurants, stores or to the residents will similarly bike, walk or take public transportation. Therefore, under this magic formula more people does not result in more congestion because these people are not like the other people in our area who regularly use their cars to commute, shop, visit doctors or in their normal social life. Hollywood is not Manhattan where public transportation is used by almost everyone as the most efficient way to get around. In Los Angeles, public transportation is used by those who are significantly poorer than the rest of the population because they have no choice. Here's a link to an interactive chart for commuter demographics illustrating that those who use public transportation to commute are significantly poorer than the rest of the population and certainly those using public transportation for socializing and errands would be even lower. Who among us is shlepping bags of groceries up the hill from Ralphs? 

If you want to know more about Horizon Hollywood, the proposed development which would replace the landmark Church at La Brea and Hollywood, here is some links to plans filed by the developer. 


Proposed Plans and Renderings by the Developer

Take a look at the magnitude of the development although the graphics contained in the renderingsdistort the height and density of the proposed development.

Developer's Entitlement Findings

This contains the developer's spurious arguments supporting the rezoning from moderate residential to Commercial Regional - the same zoning as Hollywood Highland Mall has.

Master Use Land Application Filed by the Developer:


Initial Study Prepared by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning. 

Based on this Initial Study, the developer must prepare a Draft Environmental Report addressing the environmental issues raised. Almost all of the checklists are marked as having "potentially significant impact". The developer will now pay for hired guns in an attempt to prove that this massive development at the intersection of two congested streets - one of which is frequently blocked off for special events - will have no significant negative impact on the neighborhood.