We are a non-profit corporation consisting of volunteers who realize we are facing the fight of our lives to try to save our neighborhood.

We can use ideas and people. If you have ideas or want to commit some time to our case, please contact us at saveresidentialhollywood@gmail.com  

If you want to use your creative skills in a great cause, here's your chance.

If you have a great idea for a fund raiser, let us know.

We need people to just reach out to their friends and neighbors to let them know about the Leviathan poised to destroy our neighborhood.

We also need money. Although we are all volunteers, we are fighting wealthy corporate and political interest groups. In order to make a credible argument  we need to hire our own experts to refute the well-paid hired-gun experts that will be used to "prove" that massive developments do not negatively impact our residential neighborhoods. 

Please donate to help us in our fight to save your neighborhood.

You can donate through paypal (below) or send a check to:


Save Residential Hollywood, Inc.

7135 Hollywood Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90046