The developer is requesting a zone change from medium-density, medium-rise residential to high-density, high-rise, commercial mixed-use, which has no height restriction. The developer is seeking to rezone in order to build a 256 foot skyscraper at this site, along with two lower buildings, thus also greatly increasing the density of structures on the site. Even if the height of the the tallest building were reduced, this greater densification comes with all the consequent strains on already outdated infrastrture, such as old water mains, and already unmanageable traffic. If granted, this zone change could set off a likely domino effect down Hollywood Blvd. from La Brea to Fairfax as other developers will use this as a precedent to seek similarly dense zone changes. Such transformation will destroy the character of our residential neighborhood.

Over-densification of the site does not exist in a vacuum as over-development is occurring throughout our neighborhood without any improvement in the infrastructure to absorb the increase of population and cars. Our streets are at saturation point and our police and fire department are already understaffed. 

Whether you live in the hills or in the flats, we are all together in bearing the brunt of the over-densification of Hollywood as we travel the same streets and rely on the same police and fire departments while going about our daily activities. 

Unfortunately, City Hall is actively foisting this densification onto Hollywood, with no for plans upgrading our infrastrtucture and no regard for opposition from residents. Five law suits have already been won by Hollywood residents, and the city's response is to request outside council.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

What's at Stake

 1. Residential Hollywood is an important community - Hollywood Boulevard west of La Brea Avenue is a unique community of medium to minimal-density residential at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains with open spaces and well defined view corridors. It is currently facing moneyed efforts to bring commercial activity and maximum-density residential to its boundaries. Along with its historic churches and community centers, it has served as an important reprieve for the senses from the adjacent Hollywood Entertainment District, benefitting the well being of all Hollywood area residents.

 3. Horizon Hollywood will erase history - Horizon Hollywood is proposing to tear down a church building which has stood at the corner of Hollywood and La Brea for 55 years (a predecessor church occupied the same site dating back to 1916). In its place, Horizon Hollywood is proposing “a new gateway” for Hollywood, which is a commercial and entertainment district listed on The National Register of Historic Places. Horizon Hollywood is well outside the western boundary of this historic district. If Horizon Hollywood is granted their request to redevelop this site, we will lose one historic resource and have diluted another.


5. Horizon Hollywood will increase noise and activity - Horizon Hollywood is proposing retail and restaurant activities (with alcohol sales) in an area that currently prohibits such uses. Noise from such activities along with the visual noise of associated signage would be unprecedented in a neighborhood that has always served as sensory break from the adjacent entertainment district. The project’s inclusion of 40 parking spaces for on-site commercial use and 235 spaces for off-site commercial use means visitors to the Hollywood Entertainment District will now enter this residential neighborhood to use these parking facilities if Horizon Hollywood is granted their request for permitting commercial uses on this site.





2. Hollywood should be viewed as a whole - With over forty new projects planned for the Hollywood area, we are concerned about these projects’ cumulative effects. Increases in traffic congestion, noise, infrastructure strain, response times of emergency vehicles, loss of sunlight, loss of view corridors and earthquake risks are slowly eroding the quality of life in Hollywood one project at a time. The proposed Horizon Hollywood project should raise concerns for all Hollywood area residents.



4. Horizon Hollywood will increase traffic congestion - Horizon Hollywood will have 940 parking spaces including 275 commercial parking spaces entering and exiting a driveway on Hollywood Boulevard and 665 residential spaces entering and exiting a driveway on La Brea Avenue - both driveways just feet away from one of the most congested intersections of Hollywood. Subject to gridlock by normal traffic activity, Hollywood Boulevard closures and seasonal Hollywood Bowl traffic, an additional 940 vehicles onto this intersection means further traffic delays including the delay of emergency vehicles responding to calls of Hollywood residents if Horizon Hollywood is granted their request to allow for commercial uses and greater residential density on this site.

6. Horizon Hollywood will increase density - Horizon Hollywood is a mixed-use project with a residential density of 205 units per acre in a city where 80% of land use is strictly residential with an average density of 7 units per acre. In addition, all three of the project’s buildings well exceed the current height limit of 45 feet and includes a 26-story tower measuring 275 feet tall. Horizon Hollywood has requested a zoning change that allows for “unlimited height” meaning that these buildings could go even taller if their request for greater density is granted.

7. Horizon Hollywood will have a domino effect on future developement - Horizon Hollywood is dangerous because it is unprecedented in the reach of the zoning changes it is requesting. If unstopped, Horizon Hollywood will likely be the first in a series of over-scaled, high density, mixed-use, highrise developments along Hollywood Boulevard west of La Brea, as future projects will cite Horizon Hollywood as a precedent. Let’s not miss the opportunity at hand. Join us and support Save Residential Hollywood and let’s stop the Horizon Hollywood project TOGETHER.