Save Residential Hollywood, Inc. is a non-profit corporation which was formed to preserve the quality of life in the Hollywood residential community by opposing developments that require zoning changes or significant variances or alteration of structures of cultural or historical significance.

Our Board of Directors is composed of nine men and women who represent a broad cross section of residents of our neighborhood who have volunteered their time and talents to help preserve and improve the quality of our neighborhood for all.

We are allied with other groups working to improve the quality of of our neighborhood including:

Outpost Estates Residents

Lower Nichols Canyon Homeowners Association

Hillside Federation

Franklin/Hollywood West Residents Association

Legal Representation

Save Residential Hollywood, Inc. has retained the services of Robert Silverstein, Esq. to advise and assist us in our endeavors. Mr. Silverstein has been successful in many of the recent court decisions in which the City and developers attempted to circumvent the law. 

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